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The secret to great tasting seafood is quality and freshness, that is why, since the opening of our first restaurant in 2002, we insist on the finest and freshest seafood available in the market. We strive for the highest quality in all things - food, beverages, service & ambiance. The experience for our guests must be the best it can be. From the seafood to the squeezed fruit juices, the experience is real & fresh! We currently have five branches of our restaurant operating in an array of locations in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with each restaurant uniquely designed to create an inviting, original and relaxed atmosphere, where guests can enjoy the highest quality dining experience.

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Our DishesTaste of Precious

Fish fillet kabab

Total calories 458

Shrimp masala

Total calories 478

Fish fillet kabab

Total calories 317

Fish fillet kabab

Total calories 511

Fish fillet grill

Total calories 458

Fish fillet broast

Total calories 442

Shrimp gravy

Total calories 490

Roasted prawns

Total calories 494